About Riku Karjalainen
Photo by Niko Juntunen
Riku Karjalainen

I released my first timelapse-film five years ago and have since worked continuously on numerous personal and commercial projects. My work is fuelled by the passion of a hobbyist and the determination of a professional, which translate into dedication and an immersive workflow. My most recent commissions include visuals for Metsähallitus (the Finnish Forest Administration) and Kinnusen Mylly (a flour mill business from northern Finland). Working as a one-man-band, I can guarantee the efficient and personal communication of your vision and the responsive flexibility of an independent content creator – in addition to the stunning imagery and poignant storytelling.


Nature and the outdoors have played a leading role in my works since the beginning. Nowadays I feel most at home observing and photographing the rapidly changing sceneries and seasons around me. Through my projects I’ve learned to see nature not just as my office, but a place of great importance and perspective. Therefore, I strive to bring about the significance of unspoilt nature and conservation with my work.

Photo by Lauri Hyväri
                          Photo by Lauri Hyväri

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