About Riku Karjalainen
Photo by Niko Juntunen
Riku Karjalainen

I’m a freelance filmmaker based in Finland. At 16 years old I released my first timelapse-film back in 2013 and have since worked continuously on numerous personal and commercial projects. I am well-experienced in working as one-man-band in harsh and challenging Arctic environment in the pursuit of producing the perfect visual experience.

In all my years of working on timelapse-photography and seeing my surroundings in a way never seen before, I’ve learned to see the natural world not just only through the views that sparked my interest in nature at first place, but as a place of great importance and perspective. With skills in visual storytelling, I strive to bring about the significance of conservation and reconnecting with nature through my work. My latest film, The Winter I Knew (to be released in 11-12/2021), combines my expertise and concern for environment that is drastically changing.

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