I’m a photographer specialized in making motion-timelapse footage and my experience in timelapse-photography will guarantee the result you’re after.

TimelapseTimelapse productions has been my main focus for years and the results speaks for it. Even my timelapses are mostly nature-films don’t hesitate to introduce your visions! Open for any of your suggestions.
Motion TimelapseWhen static timelapse isn’t just enough my expertise and skills in motion timelapses will bring the scene to the next level. My goal is to achieve a perfect visual experience, whilst catering to your specific needs.
Timelapse LicensingAlready have what you’re looking for? All of my timelapse material is available for licensing. In case you’re still looking for the right footage, I recommend you to check my portfolio or licensing page.

Let me tell your story, in images or in 24 frames per second.

Video ProductionThe simple way. One man band is your choice when you want the job done without extra hassle. I’ve all what it takes to tell your story from start to finish with my experience in filming and video editing.
PhotographyPhotography is the key to captivating timelapses. The skills learned over the years on timelapse-photography are essential part my vision to capture the right composition and light.
Image LicensingFor image licensing take a look on the print gallery to see my Fine-Art landscape photography available for licensing. Contact me for image licensing at
Prints (Coming May)Take a look on high-guality prints from my best images taken during the years. Different framing and material options available to suit your needs.

Projects, licensing, questions, feel free to email or call me.


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