Breath is a passion project of mine, which was filmed on April 2016.

Video description:

“For me, filmmaking has always been a way to understand experiences in a new dimension. Looking afterwards these moments, offers a way to understand myself better.

I knew this trip would be one of those experiences that I want to share with myself and you. As a FC Barcelona supporter ever since I become acquainted with football at age of 7, every season I’ve been dreaming of witnessing the biggest rivalry in the world – El Clasico.

In addition to the beautiful game, other days were spent in terms of my other passions, hiking and aviation. Three elements that only mattered in the hassle of the city. A journey worth remembering by every breath taken.”


Camera: Sony A7s with Metabones adapter

Lenses: Canon 24-105m, Canon 100-400mm

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud: Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects

Sound: Multiple layers of: In-camera sound, self recorded sound and free sound effects


Breath was a personal passion project. As a result of this I wanted to test out something different for me what I hadn’t tried before. I wanted to make Breath as a flow edit where the viewer  pays attention on the moments that mattered.

I used tempo changes to highlight these moments on the edit. Sound was important factor to reach a new dimension between the slow-paced and high-paced scenes. I find myself as a beginner on sound editing, therefore I used a lot time on learning it and the conclusion of what I learned briefly was that layering makes the difference.

Below you can see the project timeline. I used the in-camera sound, self recorded sound (footsteps, whooshes etc.) and free sound effects to give the edit the dimension I wanted..

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