Hossa Timelapse is a timelapse project of Hossa National Park which I produced for Metsähallitus from 2016 June to 2017 June.

Thank you Hossa:

I never really had visited Hossa. What I mean by “really visiting” is that my only visit in Hossa National Park before this project was a short trip at Julma-Ölkky with my cousin, Niko Juntunen. We had a vision to shoot stars on our timelapse projects and we were driving at night to find our way from Saariselkä to Julma-Ölkky. I personally never have had a worse experience on road after entering on on a bumpy road that lead to Julma-Ölkky. We weren’t talking about long distances, but the conditions on the road was definitely out of our car’s comfort zone.

When arriving at the parking place where the hiking route started, weather was everything but ideal to night photography. Strong winds and rain showers made sure that we weren’t filming that night. We still were optimistic about better conditions and decided to hike the beginning of the trail. This wasn’t the first time we hiked at completely unknown terrain at night with our heavy backpacks, but this time after hiking for 20 minutes we felt like we shouldn’t be here at that time of day. Niko’s idea to turn back eventually was the right decision for both of us after being completely exhausted that night from our four days long filming trip at Lapland. We packed our stuff and started our three-hour long trip back to Kajaani at 1AM.

After that trip Hossa could be defined as this mystical place we had only experienced at darkest time of the day and the experience in it wasn’t something you would look back as the highlight of your career. Now two years later when I’ve had a chance to see Hossa in every season, It’s hard to understand how close that time I was to a place which would mean a turning point in my life. The opportunity Metsähallitus gave me by this project have changed me as a human and the year in Hossa have left a place in my heart.

Hossa is the most visited hiking area in Kainuu and is known for its crystal-clear waters and the terrain shaped by ice age. From my previous projects, I was used to travel on places where I would be rewarded for instance by panoramic view or by the most beautiful waterfall I’ve seen. Hossa was none of that. I went there, but I felt like I never really reached my target. It didn’t take long to understand that I never would reach my target at Hossa whatever I would do. Wherever I would find myself the only target was that I was there. It wasn’t anymore finding that best possible view, rather enjoying nature at its purest. Life filled with endless dreams and goals met this simple life where even the simplest thing would be rewarded.

This is something I want my viewers to experience. Realizing that we’re in middle of a place where life has a new meaning.  A place where everyone of us can feel like they’re home and accepted the way they are. Personally, I feel that to earn the trust of nature you should treat it the way you would like to be treated. When the sky clears on pitch-black autumn night after hours of waiting, the first light of year in January lights your frostbitten face or crystal clear water is shown the first time after long and cold winter. These are the moments I remember with a smile on my face, feeling like nature is giving everything back.

I want the film to be seen on artistic perspective. Let’s face it – if you expect that Hossa will be as a sunny, rain-free place you’ve seen in the film, you’re going to be disappointed bad time. No one us of us is perfect. My main pursuit is not to show what Hossa will be when visiting instead I want the viewer to experience these finest moments I’ve had and use that as inspiration to find your own trust between the nature and you. Hossa will treat you the way you want it as long you treat it the way you would like to be treated.

I want to thank Metsähallitus for this opportunity and you for reading my thoughts. Last but not least, thank you Hossa.



  • Finland’s 40th National Park
  • Most visited Hiking Area in Kainuu
  • Excellent trails for hiking and biking
  • Also popular for its canoe routs and knows as a fishing paradise
  • Most easily accessible by car
  • Closest citys: Juntusranta 30km, Kuusamo 85km, Suomussalmi 100km
  • More information on Hossa can be found here

Equipment used:

  • Camera: Canon 6D, Canon 700D, Sony A7s
  • Lenses: Canon 16-35mm, Canon 15-85mm, Canon 24-105m, Canon 100-400mm, Samyang 14mm, Samyang 24mm, Samyang 50mm
  • Tripods: Slik Pro 330DX, Sirui Travel tripod
  • Software: Adobe Creative Cloud: Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects
  • Motion control: DIY Slider with Emotimo TB3

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Behind the Scenes:

Take a look on the office I had for the last year. Not bad uh?

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