Lapland – the Untouched takes you to some of the remotest places in the Finnish wilderness. These uninhabited and roadless areas, home to Sámi people, have remained in their near-natural state hidden away from most of mankind – unspoilt, as they should be.

In the northernmost Lapland summer is over before it even begins. During the snow-free time the only way to reach the locations shown in the film is by foot. Lapland the Untouched covers 600km of hiking at Sápmi in 6 wilderness areas and in the Urho Kekkonen National Park and the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve.

I’ve done timelapse-films alone for quite some time now and doing everything on your own requires a lot. Carrying half of your weight in gear in the wild may be physically hard, but the greatest battles are fought in the mind. During the less pleasant moments you realise just how alone you really are and begin to understand what really matters the most. This theme and the extensive Lapland project inspired my shortfilm, The Importance of Being Alone

This project taught me to love and appreciate what I’ve got – not only the amazing people in my life, but also these breathtaking wilderness areas and natural vistas we all share. After witnessing the captivating beauty of these locations it’s appalling to think that similar places around the world are destroyed and exploited relentlessly by mankind and its foolish needs.

Timelapse and video material from this film is available for licensing in 8K and 4K resolutions. You can contact me directly by my email. If possible try to include your project type, distribution, territory, term and the desired clips.

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